Bear Warrior
Season One, Episode Nine
Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 12.03.09 PM
Air date May 27, 2011
Episode run time 4:59
Written & Storyboarded by Phil McLaughlin and Joey Reinisch
Animators Joey Reinisch and Brian Carney
Backgrounds Designed by Joey Reinisch
Editor Phil McLaughlin
Music by Alex Clark
Voices Phil McLaughlin, Joey Reinisch, Chad Quandt, Dawn Barber
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Bear Warrior is the ninth episode of the animated series Destructo Box. In the episode, Joey and Phil learn the ways of the hunt from the mysterious Bear Warrior, only to get involved in murder. The episode's original Newgrounds release received a Daily Second Place award.


Also included are first appearances of news anchorwoman Dawn Barbsworth, Burt the scoutmaster and Lisa Bradfield.

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