Crime Fighting Spiders With Boners
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"Oh they're Crime... Fighting Spiders... With Boners... With Raging Boners!"
Vital statistics
Title Television Show
Gender None
Status Still On the Air
Friends Phil, Joey
Enemies Alex Clark
Appearances Strip Teased, Glotion Sickness, Destructo Box Fan Drive!

Crime Fighting Spiders with Boners is the favorite television show of Phil in the animated series Destructo Box. The show seems to be a police procedural about a rogue spider cop that uses his erection to fight crime (as the title implies), as seen in the episode Glotion Sickness.

The show appears to be sponsored by the ExplosoMagico! company.

Origins and AppearancesEdit

The concept originated in a "fan drive" that Destructo Box instituted on Newgrounds that involved torturing their composer, Alex Clark, until he wrote a "funky disco tune" about "crime fighting spiders... with boners!"

Phil owns a "Crime Fighting Spiders with Boners" wallet, as seen in the episode Strip Teased.