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The Garbage Monster

The Garbage Monster or Refrigerator Monster is a creature that appears in the animated series Destructo Box. It is described as " the sentient spawn of an overly neglected refrigerator", and is apparently made of trash and mold.

It first appears as an Easter Egg briefly in the background of the episode Strip Teased, then plays a more prominent role in the episode Das Booty. Joey and Phil attempt to kill it with a baseball bat and a harpoon gun, but then accidentally blow a hole in their kitchen wall that leads to their neighbor's apartment.

It apparently enjoys eating rats.

Mistaken IdentityEdit

Before "Das Booty" was released, there was much speculation regarding the identity of the creature seen briefly in the background which was later revealed to be the Garbage Monster. Many assumed it was a zombie version of Pickles the cat, who had previously been turned into bacon by Bear Warrior.