Glotion Sickness
Season One, Episode 15
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Air date August 19, 2011
Episode run time 3:09
Written & Storyboarded by Phil McLaughlin and Joey Reinisch
Animators Joey Reinisch and Brian Carney
Backgrounds Designed by Joey Reinisch
Editor Phil McLaughlin
Music by Alex Clark
Voices Phil McLaughlin, Joey Reinisch, Kyle McVey
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Beard of the Damned

Glotion Sickness is the 15th episode of the animated series Destructo Box released on Mondo Media . In the episode, Phil and Joey hallucinate after overdosing on a mysterious mail order substance called Glotion.


Phil and Joey are watching Crime Fighting Spiders with Boners on television when it is interrupted by a commercial from ExplosoMagico! In the commercial, The ExplosoMagico Announcer Guy advertises a product "from the makers of Glow Dog Puppy Time!, the lotion to make your dog glow... comes Glotion!, a product that make YOU glow!"

Phil and Joey order the Glotion and begin using dozens of bottles of it to draw on themselves and their furniture. Soon, however, they begin experiencing nightmarish hallucinations of their face peeling off, talking dogs, and Phil turning into the Fly Guy.

The next morning, Phil and Joey awaken with a hangover as if from a heavy night of drinking. Phil squints and tells Joey to turn the lights off. As soon as he does, hundreds of glow-in-the-dark drawings appear, some of which read "ALL HAIL KING GLOWY". Suddenly, King Glowy himself appears and licks his lips as he pronounces, "Hello my babies, welcome back to the party!"

Joey turns the light back on. They agree never to turn the lights off ever again.

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