This comprehensive list of Destructo Box awards highlights recognition received by the show from viewers and reviewers alike.


Episode Award(s)
Strip Teased Daily Number 1 (Newgrounds)
Lawyer Up! Daily 2nd Place (Newgrounds)
Don't Flush Magnets Daily 5th Place (Newgrounds)
Destructo Box Christmas

Review Crew Pick, Daily 1st Place, Weekly 3rd Place (Newgrounds)

Bear Warrior (episode) Daily 2nd Place (Newgrounds)
Pilgrim Thanksblockalypse Daily 4th Place (Newgrounds)
Beard of the Damned Daily 4th Place (Newgrounds)
Zombie Ablockalypse Daily 1st Place (Newgrounds)
The Lint Trap Daily 2nd Place (Newgrounds)
Bum Nuts Daily 2nd Place (Newgrounds)
Glotion Sickness Daily 2nd Place (Newgrounds)
Destructo Box Fan Drive! Daily 3rd Place (Newgrounds)
Vinegar Tea Party Daily 2nd Place (Newgrounds)
Time Battles! Review Crew Pick, Daily 1st Place (Newgrounds)
Pee Soup Daily 5th Place (Newgrounds)
Two Chicks, Same Time Daily 3rd Place (Newgrounds)
Robotbeard the Pirate Daily 1st Place (Newgrounds)

Video RankingsEdit

In addition, all the Newgrounds releases (with the exception of "Don't Flush Magnets") have a rank of 4.05 or better based on viewer reviews.