Robotbeard The Pirate
Season One, Episode Two
Screen shot 2011-07-26 at 5.10.29 PM
Air date March 4, 2011
Episode run time 2:16
Written & Storyboarded by Phil McLaughlin and Joey Reinisch
Animators Joey Reinisch and Brian Carney
Backgrounds Designed by Joey Reinisch
Editor Phil McLaughlin
Music by Alex Clark
Voices Phil McLaughlin & Joey Reinisch
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Robotbeard The Pirate is the second episode of Destructo Box released on Mondo Media. The story revolves around a Build Your Own Robot Kit that Joey orders in the mail, only to discover Phil has reprogrammed it in his absence to be Robotbeard, a mechanical pirate.

Unfortunately for Joey, Robotbeard is programmed for two things... rape and plunder, (but mostly rape).

The episode was received very favorably on Newgrounds and was awarded a Daily 1st Place award.

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