The Destructo Boxcast is an irregularly updated podcast hosted by Joey Reinisch and Phil McLaughlin. The show is broken up into segments all accompanied by short musical jingles composed by Alex Clark. The show usually invoves a fair amount of drinking, swear words, and awkward pauses.

The podcast can be found at


  • NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! - Behind the scenes Destructo Box related news.
  • Negative Comment Theater - Unfavorable youtube comments set to dramatic music and re-enacted with various voices by the hosts. Sometime includes the sub-segment "Comment of the week".
  • Commentary - Discussion along with watching a Destructo Box episode on youTube.
  • Mailbox - Questions, letters and pretty much anything else sent in by fans.
  • Afterparty - An unnoficial segment. Once the final theme song rings out, the hosts and guest have one last discussion and usually post some sort of easter egg for fans listening to the very end of the podcast.

Boxcast EpisodesEdit

  • EP1 - "TLLL DOCTOR!"
  • EP2 - "Sexy Pics" with special guest Chad Quandt
  • EP3 - "Hate Jerk" with special guest Brian Carney
  • EP5 - "1-800-MINECRAFT"
  • EP6 - "Working Title: F#$@ Fiesta"
  • EP7 - "The Brett Method" with special guest Kyle McVey
  • EP8 - "Capital W"
  • EP9 - "Time Twinkie Police" with special guest Aaron Waltke
  • EP10- "Uke-lear HaHa-caust" with special guest Nick Allen