The ExplosoMagico! Announcer Guy
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Alive
Friends Phil, Joey
Appearances Time Battles!, Glotion Sickness

The Explosomagico Announcer Guy or simply The Announcer is a disembodied voice heard during television commercials that Joey and Phil watch in the animated series Destructo Box. He is the spokesperson for the fictional infomercial company Explosomagico

He can be heard most prominently in the episode Glotion Sickness, in which he hypes a glow-in-the-dark lotion called Glotion. He can also be heard at the beginning of Time Battles! before Phil changes the channel to a nature documentary about a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He speaks in broken English in what sounds like a thick Japanese accent.

The Explosomagico Announcer Guy is voiced by Kyle McVey.

Quotable QuotesEdit

  • "It is so magical! Like sticking your dick in hot ramen!"