Time Bandit
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"With what time do you mark the present?!"
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Status Dead
Friends None
Enemies Dimascus, Joey
Appearances Time Battles!

The Time Bandit, also known as Baaron von Waltkebottom, is a character on the animated series Destructo Box, first seen in the episode "Time Battles!" He is a time traveller that invades the apartment of Joey and Phil in his quest to defeat his evil time travelling nemesis, Dimascus.

At the end of "Time Battles!", he is apparently killed by Joey when he is struck from behind with a baseball bat.

He is voiced by Aaron Waltke.

Notable CharacteristicsEdit

The Time Bandit is notable for appearing in two different forms; his younger self, and an apparently older version of himself with a beard and battle scars. He also uses a Time Bender XXI, a device capable of hurtling its user to any time period.

Quotable QuotesEdit

  • "Twenty-three skidoo!"
  • "Great Gatsby!"
  • "Have at you!"
  • "Christ Scientist, this cannot be... you! You, young sirs! With what time do you mark the present?"
  • "Splendid work, gentlemen! The human race is-- (cracked on the skull) PAIN!"

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Older "battle-damaged" Time Bandit