Time Battles!
Season One, Episode Eight
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"With what time do you mark the present?!"
Air date May 13, 2011
Episode run time 4:01
Written & Storyboarded by Phil McLaughlin and Joey Reinisch
Animators Joey Reinisch and Brian Carney
Backgrounds Designed by Joey Reinisch
Editor Phil McLaughlin
Music by Alex Clark
Voices Phil McLaughlin, Joey Reinisch, Matt Loman, Aaron Waltke
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Time Battles! is the eighth episode of the animated series Destructo Box. The story revolves around the time travellers Time Bandit and Dimascus as they battle their way through Joey and Phil's apartment. The episode's original release on Newgrounds garned Daily First Place and Review Crew Pick awards.


Phil and Joey are watching a nature program about a dinosaur with an extra skull that looks mysteriously like a beer keg helmet. They change the channel to another nature program about gay lions, but suddenly they are blinded by the arrival of a time traveller, the Time Bandit, who confronts an evil overlord named Dimascus in their living room. They attack one another, then disappear. This happens again the next day.

After the two time travellers have made a daily habit of invading their apartment and wrecking their furniture, Joey and Phil have had enough and hatch a plan to put a stop to it. When he next appears, Phil ambushes Dimascus with a ninja sword and stabs him. Dimascus vanishes, and Time Bandit materializes to congratulate them on saving the human race... only to be apparently killed with a baseball bat by Joey.

Joey and Phil then steal Time Bandit's Time Bender XXI and travel to Prehistoric Times, where they ride a Tyrannosaurus Rex and drink beer with Abraham Lincoln.

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